Dear friends,

I am writing today to ask for your vote for re-election to serve another 4-year term on the Democratic National Committee (DNC) representing Wisconsin.  Voting this year will happen at the DPW Virtual State Convention on Friday, June 12th. 

I’m thrilled to be nominated this year by State Treasurer Sarah Godlewski and seconded by Green Bay’s Mayor Eric Genrich!  I have also earned a huge endorsement from Senator Tammy Baldwin! 

In this time, when our streets pulse with the cry for justice, when over 115,000 of our friends and neighbors have died from a pandemic that has lacked leadership, and when so many have lost jobs or can’t afford healthcare — it has never been more clear that this is why politics matters, it’s why policy matters, it’s why competent leadership matters, and it’s why the work we do together on the streets, at the ballot box, and in the statehouse matters.  It’s why I am excited to run for another four-year term on the Democratic National Committee and why I am hoping you will support me this June at the State Convention! 

We have made progress!

In these past four years, I am proud of the progress our DNC team from Wisconsin has been able to make. This progress is because of your work. Your collective power. Not only have we strengthened our party but we elected good people up and down the ballot! Some of the highlights over the past four years:

  • Hosting events and networking to secure the 2020 DNC National Convention for Milwaukee.
  • Gaining support from the DNC to pay more organizers on the ground across Wisconsin and build our grassroots power.
  • Big wins in 2018 with Senator Tammy Baldwin, Governor Tony Evers, Lt. Governor Mandela Barnes, Treasurer Sarah Godlewski and Attorney General Josh Kaul!
  • Big wins in Spring 2020 with Jill Karofsky elected to the Supreme Court and an incredible number of seats flipped at the school board, county, town and city council level!
  • Enacting the biggest reforms in generations at the Democratic National Committee – caucus transparency, superdelegate reforms, financial accountability, and fighting to make sure climate action–and our future–are priorities moving forward.

We have more to do! 

I am running for re-election to the DNC because we still have a lot of work to do – not only to win the Presidency in November but to make sure we create a better Democratic Party that welcomes new people, that focuses on empowering those often not at the table, and that is accountable and building trust at all levels. I believe we need to:

Build local power from the grassroots: We have seen that investing in local campaigns and organizers works, that volunteers are energized when they see how their involvement makes a difference to elect good folks who enact progressive policy! Let’s support more local campaigns that are homegrown, that listen to the expertise of folks in their own communities, and that advocate for issues local people care about. 

Build bridges between all Democrats: From Washington, D.C. to Madison to Superior, every level of the Democratic Party needs to be more connected and share more resources. We need stronger bridges to share insights, resources, and inspiration. 

Build a better National Democratic Party: While we have made a lot of reforms, we have to continue to make them, because that’s the only way we build trust, accountability, and a more successful party. I believe all 470 national members, not just a handful of leaders in D.C., should be involved in setting the Presidential election process–fundraising requirements, how many debates, whether they focus on specific issues, and fundamentally changing the caucus system including which states go first.

My background and experience:

I grew up on my family’s 600-acre dairy farm in west-central Wisconsin. Elected at age 25, I have served 11 years on the Eau Claire City Council, championing issues of affordable housing, living wages, labor rights, and clean energy. I work for a national non-profit consulting on federal policy including health care, public lands, national parks, flood resilience, clean energy policy, and climate change. I was elected in 2016 to the Democratic National Committee. My wife Kerri is an herbalist and we share a home in Eau Claire, Wisconsin with our dog Abbie!   

Join our grassroots campaign!

Every four years, at the state convention, delegates who are present elect four members from Wisconsin to the Democratic National Committee (DNC). DNC members represent our state at national meetings, serve on the Democratic Party of Wisconsin’s Administrative and Executive Committees, and work to build strong bonds between the state and national parties.


This year voting will be held during the 2020 DPW Virtual State Convention so please mark your calendar for 7-9 p.m. on the evening of Friday, June 12. You will be able to vote for 2 male DNC members, and 2 female DNC members (candidates who identify as non-binary may run for either).   
You should have received an email on June 4 from the DPW Convention Team/Hayley Burns with this subject line: IMPORTANT: State Convention Delegate Information. Please keep track of that email.
  • That email contains information on how to view the convention, and your unique voter ID number and how to vote in the election for the DNC members.

  • If you or any other of the delegates did not receive that June 4 email, please contact Hayley Burns ASAP:

  • If you have any problems voting or logging in on Friday, immediately call theState Convention Election Hotline: (608) 581-5657